(F0350) Hape 彎軌及直軌套 THE ULTIMATE



產品特點: 誇得瑞拉彎軌套 誇得瑞拉彎軌套是最大的一個套裝,兩個螺旋盤,12個彎軌以及10個加速器激勵小朋友創造出終極滾珠跑道。 產品片數 198 包裝尺寸 L: 62.5, W: 13.8, H: 48 cm 包裝重量 2.20 kg The Ultimate is the largest Quadrilla set. Two spiraling funnels, 12 curved rails, and 10 power-boosting accelerators inspire builders to design the ultimate marble run. STEM Pieces 198 Package size L: 62.5, W: 13.8, H: 48 cm Package weight 2.20 kg

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