(F0328) 自己製作手電筒 Make your own flashlight



產品特點: 這套科學工具包含了建造手電筒和了解電的基礎知識所需的一切。 你將發現構建電路的電氣元件。但更多的是你將了解電的奧秘。終於有了一盞不把電線藏在黑盒子裡的燈,而是把它們凸顯出來! 它是如何工作的? 它是如何工作的呢? 首先對不同的部件進行分類:燈泡、電纜、開關。組裝完成後,這盞燈就不僅僅是一個玩具了:你將真正能夠用它來進行夜間閱讀和在黑暗中的所有冒險。 你會學到什麼? 組裝一個基本的電路,並識別其中的部件 - 開/關電路和開關 - 電流的形成。 - 交流電/直流電 - 電池內有什麼? - 原子:自由電子、質子、中子 工具箱裡有什麼? 木質元素、電氣元件、電纜、開關、電池盒、燈泡、保護泡、橡皮筋、螺絲、螺母。 產地:法國 Description This science kit contains everything you need to build a flashlight and understand the basics of electricity. You will discover the electrical components to build an electrical circuit. But moreover you will understand the mysteries of electricity. Finally a lamp that doesn't hide its wires in a black box but highlights them! How does it work? Start by sorting the different components: bulb, cables, switch. After assembly, the lamp is more than just a toy: you'll really be able to use it for reading at night and for all your adventures in the dark. What will you learn? - Assemble a basic electrical circuit and identify the components - The open/closed circuit and the switch - The formation of electric current. - Alternating / direct current - What is inside a battery? - Atoms: free electrons, protons, neutrons What is in the kit? Wooden elements, electrical components, cables, switch, battery box, light bulb, protective bubble, rubber bands, screws, nuts. Made in France