(F0326) Make your own pencil sharpener 我的自製鉛筆刨



產品特點: 在物體世界中進行一次旅行,製作卷筆刀以發現小齒輪。 使用:墊片、螺栓、螺釘、曲柄……當然還有小齒輪來組裝磨刀器。通過這項活動,您將了解回收利用!你需要收集一個空罐子來製作水箱。 它是如何工作的? 首先將木製部件拆開並分類所有部件。按照手冊中的說明組裝卷筆刀。有幾個步驟:組裝磨刀器,然後將機構與曲柄分開,最後將兩者組裝在一起。 找一個直徑為 8 厘米的空罐子(最常見的):用橡皮筋將磨刀器固定在上面,您將用它來收集磨刀器的剝落物。 你會學到什麼? 不同類型的齒輪 - 直角齒輪 - 小齒輪在日常用品中的使用 - 回收 您會在套件中找到什麼?木製零件、兩個小齒輪、墊片、日記本、膠水、裝飾磨刀器的貼紙、橡皮筋、磨刀器、泡沫支架 產地:法國 Take a journey inside the world of objects to make a pencil sharpener to discover pinion gears. Assemble the sharpener using: spacers, bolts, screws, crank...and of course pinion gears. With this activity, you will learn about recycling! You'll need to collect an empty jar to make the tank. How does it work? Start by taking the wooden parts apart and sorting all the pieces. Assemble the pencil sharpener by following the instructions in the booklet. There are several steps: assemble the sharpener, then the mechanism with the crank separately and finally assemble the two together. Find an empty jar with a diameter of 8 cm (the most common one): fix the sharpener on it with the help of rubber bands, you will use it to collect the peelings of the sharpener. What will you learn? The different types of gears - Right angle gears - The use of pinion gears in everyday objects - Recycling What will you find in the kit? Wooden parts, two pinion gears, spacers, a journal, glue, stickers to decorate your sharpener, rubber bands, a sharpener, a foam stand Made in France

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