(F0299) 木製創意滾珠積木套裝40件 Unit Block Marble Run – 40 pc. Set



產品內容: • 3 歲及以上的兒童可以使用 •孩子們將練習建築、探索物理並學習建築關係 •可以在多個大理石運行設計中重新排列套裝 •使用標准單元塊擴展建設性遊戲的可能性 •套裝包括 36 個積木(2.75 英寸寬,按比例縮放以與標准單元積木協調)、4 個大理石滾珠和 10 個雙面靈感卡 • Children 3 and up can begin early exploration of physics, STEM lessons and architectural design using the Unit Block Marble Run – 40 pc. set • Rubberwood blocks feature drops, bumps and routed paths that allow for multiple building opportunities • Set includes 36 blocks scaled to unit block proportions, 4 acrylic marbles and 10 double-sided concept cards.