(F0284) 風力發電 Wind Power



Wind Power 本組風力發電可變換2種不同造型的葉片,同時可運用齒輪進行三種不同轉速的變化,還可以利用風力蓄電喔! 本產品可讓小朋友在組裝中了解到綠色能源在生活上的應用並發揮想像力,運用風力來打造屬於自己的綠能科技! -8 個模型 -133個零件 -內附教學彩色中文說明書(共40頁) Ages 8+ Contents: 133 pcs per set Item size : 370 x 80x 290 mm Featuring - This kit includes 2 styles of windmill blades and a gear box with 3 different gear ratios to fit all wind conditions. - The windmill blades are adjustable by angle and quantity to make best use of wind to make the LED bright and charge the battery as fast as possible. - This kit can help children explore the power of wind and store the produced energy to activate the models they build up. - This kit includes a 40-page color manual with illustrations of 2 windmills, 6 model vehicles and various experiments. - Compete with your friends to see whose windmill charged up the rechargeable battery to activate the model first.

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