(F0253) 香港中式美食磁石套裝/ 香港陸上交通工具磁石套裝/ 香港海上及航空交通工具磁石套裝




A)香港中式美食磁石套裝 HK Must Eat Food Magnet Set 1.通過這套有磁性的插圖食物,向孩子們介紹香港當地食物和用餐禮儀規則的概念。 2.套裝配有 50 多個磁性件、2 個雙面磁性餐墊。 3.這套也將加強孩子們對香港飲食習慣和當地飲食文化的學習。 1.Introduce children to the concept of the local HK food and dining etiquette rules with this set of magnetic, illustrated foods. 2.Set comes with over 50 magnetic pieces, 2 double sided magnetic placemats. 3.Also this set will reinforce children’s learning about HK eating habits and local food culture. B) 香港陸上交通工具磁石套裝 HK Land Transportation Magnet Set 1.向小朋友介紹香港當地的陸路交通系統,包括小巴、機場接送、甜甜圈和阿喵都裝扮成司機和乘客。 2.這套有超過 50 個磁鐵,讓孩子們了解香港不同的陸路交通。 1.Introduce children to HK local land transportation system including minibus, airport shuttle, and Donut and Ah Meow all dress up to be drivers and passengers. 2.This set has over 50 magnets to allow children to learn about different land transportation in HK. C) 香港海上及航空交通工具磁石套裝 HK Sea and Air Magnet Set 1.向孩子們介紹香港海空聯運,包括飛機、天星小輪、大船等。 2.這套還包括50個字符,海空聯運。 1.introduce HK Sea and Air Transportation to children including airplane, Star Ferry, Jumbo boat, etc. 2.This set also includes 50 characters, sea and air transports.

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