(F0247) TacoBot遙控機械人



TacoBot 可以玩 30 多種不同的遊戲, 小朋友將對 STEM 學習的無限興趣。 所有的遊戲都是基於獨特而簡單的,這保證了學齡前兒童的無障礙玩耍之旅 TacoBot。 探索不同傳感器的功能。加入和堆疊不同的TacoBot 組件創造差異化,功能機器人。 年幼的孩子可以直接與 TacoBot互動,促進他們對 STEM 的思考能力和興趣。 .TacoBot plays over 30 different games, which ensures endless interest in STEM learning. All gameplay was developed based on a unique and simple interaction: stacking. • This guarantees kids an obstaclefree journey to play TacoBot, even if they’re just preschoolers. Explore the functions of different sensor Hats. Joining and stacking different TacoBot components create differentiated, functional robots. • Younger kids can interact directly with TacoBot, promoting their logical thinking skills and interest in STEM. It’s never too early to start learning! Include: 5 coding hats to change the mode of coding anytime