(F0132) Farm 農場(3-5歳)(盒裝)



在這個盒子裡,小孩將會去體驗農場生活!他們會建立一個毛絨畜舍,然後再製作出居住在裡面的一些毛絨小動物。你們可以用農作物玩猜謎遊戲,孩子能找出是誰藏在穀倉內,成為贏家嗎? 活動内容 1. 建立一個毛絨的畜舍。 2. 製作幾個會自動行走的毛絨農場動物。 3. “猜猜我是誰”猜動物遊戲。 STEAM知識 1. 通過提示識別面部特徵並指出其正確的位置。 2. 通過蹺步步行器來培養運動技能。 3. 在玩“猜猜我是誰”遊戲時,可顯示和提升孩子的邏輯和言語推理。 包括物件 1. 毛絨畜舍 2. 動物和貼紙 3. 通過操作上鏈步行器練習大動作機能 4. 幼兒學習活動書 5. 圖文說明 In this box, your little one will head to the farm. They will build a felt barn then create felt animals to go inside. Play the guessing game with the farm pieces, can your child figure out who is hiding inside the barn and be the winner? Activities 1. Build a felt barn. 2. Create felt walking farm animals. 3. Guess who is hiding in the barn game. Explore STEAM 1. Be able to identify facial features and put them in the correct place. 2. Develop motor skills by winding the walkers. 3. Show logical and verbal reasoning while playing the guess who game. What’s included 1. Felt barn. 2. Felt animals and stickers. 3. Winding walkers. 4. Early years learning activity book. 5. Graphic instructions. And more!