(F0084) 飛越星際大逃亡 Asteriod Escape



Description 內容•: 1.導航帶領你的太空船穿梭星際逃出生天! 2.先根據每個挑戰咭上的提示將行星及太空船拼圖擺放在遊戲版上。留意方向! 3.將拼圖於遊戲板上前後左右滑動幫助太空船尋找出口飛離遊戲板,逃離險境。 4.緊記!行星及太空船都不可以互相重疊及必須保持平放在遊戲板上!不能將行星及太空船拼圖傾斜或提起! 5. 遊戲板配有蓋子,方便攜帶外出,讓大人及小朋友可以隨時隨地一起動腦筋。 6. 共60個挑戰,考你腦筋並有助提升各種認知能力: • Navigate your spaceship through the asteroid field! • Place the 8 puzzle pieces on the game board as indicated. Pay attention to the exact orientation of each puzzle piece! • Slide the puzzle pieces to help your spaceship find the exit and escape. • Remember: Asteroids and the spaceship cannot overlap each other and must stay horizontal on the game board! Tilting or lifting up puzzle pieces and the spaceship is not allowed! • You have found a solution when the spaceship can fly off the game board. Game board with lid, great for travel! 60 challenges to stimulate various cognitive skills: Age 年齡:7歲以上 Planning 規劃能力 ●●●●● Visual Perception 視覺感知 ●●●●ο Problem Solving 解難能力 ●●●●ο Spatial Insight 空間感 ●●●οο Flexible Thinking 靈活思維