(F0069) 我的安靜書My Quiet Book



這本屢獲殊榮的書是一本色彩繽紛的面料書,共進行6項活動,旨在發展高級運動技能,增強手靈巧性和鼓勵創造力。 每個頁面都是一個三維遊樂園,其中包含截然不同但同樣引人入勝的活動。 魔術貼固定在每頁上可拆卸的部件上,以使年輕的頭腦忙於遊戲。本書封面上的一個口袋還可以讓您插入小朋友的名字! 內容包括學習時間,形狀,顏色,季節和算盤。它也是家庭旅行的必備配件。 僅表面清洗。顏色或內容可能與圖示有所不同。 符合ISO 8124的安全要求。 產品尺寸:20厘米(l)x 31厘米(h) 2歲以上 This Award winning book is a delightfully colourful fabric book with 6 activities designed to develop fine motor skills, enhance hand dexterity and encourage creativity. Each page is a three-dimensional playland containing a distinctly different yet equally engaging activity to be explored. Detachable pieces are affixed by velcro on every page to keep young minds busy for hours of play. A pocket on the front cover of the book also allows you to insert your little one’s name! Activities include Tell the time, Spot the shapes, Let’s dress up, Match my colours, Seasons and Abacus. It is also a must-have accessory for family travels. Surface wash only. Colours or contents may vary from those illustrated. Conforms to safety requirements of ISO 8124. Product dimensions: 20cm(l) x 31cm (h). For ages 2+

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