(F0046) 我的超級趣味遊戲書(盒裝)(My Super Fun Play Book)



這本屢獲殊榮的書是一本精美的彩色布藝書,其中包含12頁旨在開發高級動作技能、增強手工熟練度和鼓勵創造力的遊戲活動。這是一本智能軟遊戲書,它改變了孩子學習、遊戲和進步的方式。 所有的部件使用魔術貼固定,均可拆卸,可讓孩子長時間享受遊戲樂趣。遊戲包括井字遊戲、手指木偶、按扣形狀、披薩派對、照顧您的寵物等等! 也是家庭旅行的絕佳之選。 只限表面清洗。 顏色或內容可能與圖示不同。 產品尺寸:32釐米(高)x26釐米(寬)。 有禮合包裝 適合2歲以上兒童 This Award winning book is a delightfully colourful fabric book with 12 pages of super fun activities designed to develop fine motor skills, enhance hand dexterity and encourage creativity. It is a smart soft play book which changes the way children learn, play and progress. Detachable pieces are affixed by velcro on every page to keep young minds engaged for hours of play. Features include Tic Tac Toe, finger puppets, snap on shapes, a pizza party, caring for your pet and more! It is also a must-have accessory for family travels. Surface wash only. Colours or contents may vary from those illustrated. Product dimensions: 32cm(l) x 26cm (h). For ages 2+