(B0176) KUMON My First Book of Uppercase Letters



產品描述 與傳統的字母書不同,《我的第一本大寫字母書》並不是以ABCs開頭的。這本書最突出的特點是,它從最容易寫的字母開始,然後逐步教授更困難的字母。不管字母順序如何,以遞進方式引入不同的筆劃,例如直線,對角線和曲線,讓兒童不會對學習字母感到氣餒。作為一本在北美盛行的練習冊,它證明Kumon「熟能生巧」方法有效令孩子慢慢進步。 •產地 : 北美設計,中國印刷,美國直送 8 1/4 x 11 2/3英吋,平裝版,80頁,全彩。 Unlike conventional alphabet books, My First Book of UPPERCASE LETTERS does not start with the ABCs. The most prominent characteristic of this book is that it starts with easy-to-write letters and then proceeds to more difficult letters step by step, regardless of alphabetical order. Different strokes such as straight lines, diagonal lines and curves are introduced in an incremental manner so that children do not grow tired of studying letters. The North American popularity of this book proves the Kumon Method’s “practice makes perfect” effectiveness. •Printed in China, Imported from North America 8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches. paperback. 80 pages. full color. 供應商: KUMON