(F0187) 5x5雙面幾何釘板 Double Sided Geoboard



橡筋可以讓兒童探索,比較, 製作幾何形狀和設計; 比較形狀和尺寸的相似之處; 計數和使用對稱性,周長,區域,分數和角度 With these geoboards and rubber bands kids can explore, compare, make geometric shapes and designs; compare similarities and differences of shape and size; count and work with symmetry, congruence, perimeter, area, fractions and angles. This geoboard is made of durable polypropylene. One side has 5 x 5 pin array, the other side has a 12 pin circular arrangement. Size 尺寸185 x 185 x 185mm Weight 重量1.28 配件 8 Boards, 200 colorful rubber bands a guide per set

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